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We provide 5 email accounts, FTP access and basic web designing and loading so you can do what you do best and leave this issue to us.  That way, you get more customers and we get the flow on effect.   This site is a example of your new web site.

    We can allow for you to link changes like Photos, Menus, Price Charts etc so the web site stays unchanged and you can update those Item. Let us know what you require and we will sort it out.

The cost is $80 setup fee when we make your web site  and $50 per year  for your hosting account so for $130 you are up and running.  Domain name is extra and we can set that up for you or you can and have more control… see our FAQ link for more info. E.G. a dot com is only $10 a year.    (see FQA)

Or just Web Hosting at $50 Pa .. when you do your own site with 5  Email account’s, 200 meg Web Hosting site and you also get your own FTP account to upload your web pages for your hosting account.

  If you only require an email account we have a option for you also. This allows you to have a FIXED email account no matter which ISP you are using, its yours and never changed. Why not set one up for the whole family.  

All that is required to be up and running is to send us a email with the information, photos and we do the rest its that simple.  Send us a email for more information.  


                                 See our FAQ link .


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