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The following companies have allowed us to show their site, as a example of what a basic site looks like.

Coastel  Pre Wire service and Web Hosting

We recommend GOOGLE  Word Add as this helps get your site in the top hits in your site search .. Hit this link for information.  70% of the search requests are Google and most people only look at the first page,  so you need to be up there, UNLESS you have  a special business..  E.g  Results for CARAVAN are  44,600,000 for caravan.

This is what you have to do to see if your site is working for you and remember the search is looking for any site with that content .. E.g could be a dot com in the USA or a dot com in Australia so you may also like to use both a dot com site and a dot com au.   It helps gain more hits..    We can help.

So you can use your name to help if its not used by others or get some extra search power using GOOGLE word Add.

Please keep this in mind when making your domain name also .. It should be easy to remember and easy to type so next time your customer is looking they DON’T do a search as they may find a new site and go looking at that site instead of yours.    Do a Google ,Yahoo etc search on other sites that do what you do, to get a idea.

Ps  Google will suggest the best add options and search strings to help get your site out in front.




A self managed account..   is one that is maintained by the customer ... Some are made by us and handed over, to reduce their costs and others are made by the customer. As can be seen most customers maintain their own sites


         We also have private EMAIL accounts

For those who want to have the special touch email address. These are good is you change ISP or just want that special stand out email address







                     Web Hosting site




     And   www.expressfirstaid.com.au





  Kel’s   Rock and Roll gig guide site

                  I do this site.. lol





                 Thai food Toukley





Phil’s Where to Rock Gig Guide site

            A self managed account 





These are  our site’s and as you can see THEY are a basic packages. Note we have added a S to one site.  We use Both, see your accounts.

CoasTEL  Prewire  Your  Communication Company



  Anna’s   Blue Suede Dance School

            A self managed account 





                 Coast Wide Amusements

                 A self managed account 






      Little Milliarn Rani Lopez

              A  self managed account 









          DJ Vinnie’s web site

           A self managed account 







     A self managed account 





Now this is where your site link will be ?




                     A self managed account 



  And    www.hansvans.com.au

                 He updates as required



     Elite Powder Coasting Pty Ltd











                  Hyper Tax Pty Ltd

     Outstanding accountancy and financial services

                 A self managed account 




Express First Aid

Progress Association

Mobile Podiatrist Service