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We can  make your web page and upload it for your,  once you supply the information…:  photos, description, site intent, etc.

 Just email us the information  and we will put it together for you. The cost is only $80 and we do the linking to the search sites also.

(see ALSO How do I make my site found on the internet )

We suggest that you use www.3ix.com for your dot com address and www.planetdomain.com for your dot com dot au URL’s this way you have complete control.  We can set these up for you if you prefer.  Once this is done you just change your DNS settings to ours and you are up and away.   We send you a email will  instructions.   Choose one that’s easy to remember for your business or catchy  ! 

Just send us a email with the required information and we will add it for you.

If you need more that five email address its only $10 Pa for a extra five email addresses.   Or get the Cpanel access option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard $50 Pa WEB HOSTING is a 200 meg account with 5 email address’s  Each email address can rage from 10-100 Meg you and make up the rage within your package of 200 Meg.  Eg main account 100meg and the next 4 at 20  Meg and 20 Meg Web data.     If you require Cpanel Access please advise as we have that option also.

You have FTP access to upload your files and self maintenance.

How much is your  WEB  HOSTING

What if I need to change or add a email address

What about a domain name.

Can you make our WEB PAGE

Yes.  This is done through your preferred search provider like…

Google adds      Hot Frog    Yahoo    MSN   TrueLocal   etc  you just ask THEM and they will supply the costs and the set up info to you.  We can assist if required.

(see ALSO How do I make my site found on the internet )



Can we improve out search options

Coastel  Pre Wire service and Web Hosting

Mobile: 0408155811 



1,000GB Bandwidth

What Band width do you run

We have a HOW TO info pack on , Email setup ( outlook setup and Outlook express), FTP,  Web Mail access, DNS settings, etc  see our HELP FILE for more info.  

Most site issues are solved by a simple email.  E.g FTP account settings.

We can also provide Cpanel and help desk support option for a only a extra $10 Pa.

This is for Site support only ..   Issues on how to use a web page making issues,  you should contact your software supplier for information on how to use their software.

 (See also What WEB SITE  software  do you have.)

What about support

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Our site software is BeQuick software.

Use the servers  BEQUICK  if you have the Cpanel option which comes with 50 templates .

If I setup your site I use  MS Publisher and I can send you the master file once we have set it up so you can make any changes you like.  This will keep your  costs down in the long run as changes can add up.   But you MUST have a registered version of MS Publisher to use it .

                 We send you a HOW TO file to assist you getting under way.

What WEB SITE  software  do you have.

ANY.. Publisher,    FrontPage,     Dreamweaver  

If you need software try the OPEN SOFTWARE (free) KompoZer      Aptana    Amaya

Just to name a few ..   Do a  search to fine more ..  

                                           (tap on any name software for their site)

Note all programs use FTP settings for  our site  unless you have added the Cpanel option.

What software can I use for my web site

We recommend GOOGLE  Word Add as this helps get your site in the top hits in your site search .. Hit this link for information.  70% of the search requests are Google and most people only look at the first page,  so you need to be up there, UNLESS you have  a special business..  E.g  Results for CARAVAN are  44,600,000 for caravan,  but if you type OPALITE CARAVANS  we are in the first page of 3,000

This is what you have to do to see if your site is working for you and remember the search is looking for any site with that content .. E.g could be a dot com in the USA or a dot com in Australia so you may also like to use both a dot com site and a dot com au.   It helps gain more hits..    We can help.

So you can use your name to help if its not used by others or get some extra search power using GOOGLE word Add.

Please keep this in mind when making your domain name also .. It should be easy to remember and easy to type so next time your customer is looking they DON’T do a search as they may find a new site and go looking at that site instead of yours.    Do a Google ,Yahoo etc search on other sites that do what you do, to get a idea.

Ps  Google will suggest the best add options and search strings to help get your site out in front.




Again we use  www.3ix.com Transfer   for your dot com address  and www.planetdomain.com for your dot com dot au URL’s this way you have complete control.   ( We can set these up for you if you prefer.) 

Before you start the transfer PLEASE change the DNS settings so we  can host the site with out issues as the transfer may take several days.

    (We send you a email will  instructions.) 

What about a domain name Transfer

Just tap the link   SPEED TEST 

Internet SPEED TEST Nothing to do with a site but it’s a good link

Each Search engine provider has a support option. You can get listed for FREE or pay a amount and improve you hit rate.  (E.g Word Add)

The FIRST thing you must do is submit your site to your search engine provider.. Or all of them.  To do this see the links below for web masters.. Note you will have to set up a account with each one but this is also very simple.

I have added just a few to show you what is available , BUT this is only a few and there are MANY options available.

Google Web Masters           Yahoo for Web Masters             MSN for Web Masters

Hot Frog       TrueLocal   

Remember there are also map search options available   e.g GOOGLE MAPS

Most sites will also require a SITE MAP so they know how often to look and what to look for.

You will need to load both the search engine ID and the site map files to your site and it also PROVES you own the site .  Each search engine provider may vary so check with them please.

Remember if you are designing and making your site, you do this !    If we do it there is a cost involved as it is time consuming as you can see.

Plus sites like

How do I make my site found on the internet

Meta Tags tell the search engine what to look for and how often etc.

There are MANY options for this but here is one link.    META TAG


Internet META TAG’s

      The information supplied is for your information only and is our opinion and therefore should be used with that in mind.

Should you require more technical information please contact your IT consultant or software supplier.

Just tap the link below and it will open up your mailer (email)  and send us your question.

How do I find out more